The Holly Grail (seasonal)

A martini glass designed to inspire your holidays.

The Holly Grail is a majestic, hand-painted martini glass with beautiful greens, golds, reds and whites, all guaranteed to brighten your holiday with every sip. The focal point is its green garland donning the entire bowl and we're telling you, you look at this glass in person and it makes you happy.

Give the gift of a single glass or a set of four. Or keep a set for yourself to share with guests this holiday season.

As with all of our hand-painted martini glasses like this one, you can actually see the brush strokes on each glass. Its imperfections are what make it so perfect, particularly on a glass this ornately painted.

Size: 7.5 ounces

Care: hand wash only

Availability: The Holly Grail is a seasonal glass and will be discontinued on December 31.

FREE SHIPPING: when you spend $150 or more.

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