Tangerini martini glass set on a table top in front of a ripe, orange tangerine.


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This martini glass is not shy.

We call this "Tangerini" because this glass is very orange and we like bad puns. Tangerine-orange with contemplative signature "spirals" on the cup, the stem bridges the bowl to the base with hand-painted organic green and yellow. Bet you smell a hint of tangerine with this little gem.

Tangerini martini glass shot outside on a patio against leafy trees from the side and from above.

As with all uniquely hand-painted gems like this one, you can actually see the brush strokes on each glass. Its imperfections are what make it so perfect.

Size: 7.5 ounces.

Care: hand wash only

Collection: The Spirals Collection (in green, blue, orange, and purple)

FREE SHIPPING: when you buy four or more glasses.

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