Sail In Blue shot against a beautiful beach with palm trees, a boat and ocean water.

Sail In Blue

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When the sea is calm this martini glass gets its inspiration.

There's a deep blue that the sea can be when the winds are low and the reflecting sky is happy. This martini glass bottles that color and etches its signature "spirals" against its backdrop. The stem lightens the tide in beautiful red and with a stripe for your fingers to grab in yellow.

Sail In Blue martini glass shot outside on a patio from the side and from above.

As with all uniquely hand-painted gems like this one, you can actually see the brush strokes on each glass. Its imperfections are what make it so perfect.

Size: 7.5 ounces.

Care: hand wash only

Collection: The Spirals Collection (in green, blue, orange, and purple)

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