Unique artsy fun martini glass - Crystal Fire from Tini Grails with an orange bubble blown into the stem.

Crystal Fire

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The orange embers of fire kindle the stem of this Romanian crystal grail.

What makes this martini glass so unique is the orange bubble that is blown into and elongated throughout the stem. It's as if we've tamed the hottest, wildest inferno and suspended its animation. The crystal clear bowl sits proudly atop this energetic stem. 

Each Crystal Fire martini glass is mouth-blown one at a time. They are made in Romania by artisans who specialize in glass blowing and are made from 100% lead-free crystal.

Crystal Fire is part of our Romanian Crystal Collection and is balanced by its sibling, Crystal Ocean - identical in every way except color. Nice pair.

Size: 12.0 ounces

Care: hand wash only

FREE SHIPPING: when you buy four or more glasses.

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