The Cool Breeze martini glass from Tini Grails is like holding the blue sky in your hands.

Cool Breeze

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Think of it as kryptonite to the summer heat.

I hold this martini glass and I think water, beach, sun and gin. Can't forget the gin. It's a unique, hand-painted cool breeze in your hand. And I swear the blue color keeps the martini colder longer, but I have no empirical data to support that.

As with all hand-painted gems like this one, you can actually see the brush strokes on each martini glass. Its imperfections are what make it so perfect.

Size: 7.5 ounces.

Care: hand wash only

Collection: Cool Breeze is part of our Whirls Collection. Click to see them all.

FREE SHIPPING: when you buy four or more glasses.

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