Cocktail shaker from Tini Grails close up and with a family of hand-painted martini glasses.

Chateau Vintage Shaker

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A tall, shiny Tini Grail that loves to shake it up.

Our first martini shaker at Tini Grails, the Chateau Vintage Shaker stole - no, shook - our hearts at first sight. Tall and refined, this carefully detailed brushed stainless steel shaker is the perfect complement to your Tini Grails.

It accommodates 30 oz of sweet nectar comfortably, includes a cap and strainer, and is dishwasher safe.

Oh, and the most important parts are the outside ribbing on the top and the strainer. These design elements give the shaker some serious class, but also help the 'tini drinker grip the shaker for a good shaking and easy opening. Nice, purposeful design.

Size: 30 oz

Care: dishwasher safe