What Makes A Grail?

The Tini Grails Martini Glass Selection Criteria:

  • Must be cool - this is totally subjective, I realize, but the glass has to make me want a martini or it's out. I'd rather drink a beer than insult the sacred nectar of a martini with a horrible glass.

  • Must handle nicely - every glass we carry will have a good feel when a drink is poured. You wouldn't believe some of the gratuitous designs out there that make the martini almost impossible to drink. So none of those.

  • Must have a stem - a martini glass without a nice stem is a jar, and I won't be carrying jars. It can be a thick stem, thin stem, colorful or not. But every glass must conform at least vaguely to the beautiful iconic structure of a "martini glass."

  • Must be tasteful, not trite - it's a slippery slope, I've found, between classy/awesome and trite/cheesy. My goal is to stay as far as I can throw a large olive away from the latter.

Other than that, pretty much anything goes. And by the way I personally experience every glass before it goes into the store. One of the job's perks!