Do you create a martini glass that you think would be worthy of Tini Grails?

We'd love to hear from you.

If you are a glass blower, an artist who works with glass, or a manufacturer of martini glasses that you think I will like enough to include in the Tini Grails store, please consider the following: 

The Tini Grails martini glass selection criteria:

Even those that look good online must be sampled (by me) before making it into the store. Looking good is half the battle.

To that point, please review our "Selection Criteria" first and then come back here.

If you've got a glass that you think passes, please send one sample to:

Will Burns, Tini Grails, 225 Main Street, Wenham, MA, 01984

But before you send a sample...

I only drop ship, so if you're not into that please don't bother. I strongly encourage my customers to buy one glass at a time instead of sets of two or four or more. So you must be willing to ship one glass at a time and include our branded materials in each shipment.

Now, if still interested, please send your sample to the above address. And if you don't mind, send me an email letting me know it's coming: 


Will Burns, Owner