Tini Grails Story

It's all about the glass (truly).

Will Burns, Founder Of Ideasicle, Forbes Contributor and founder of martini glass store, Tini GrailsMy name is Will Burns and I am the founder of advertising agency, Ideasicle, and a Forbes Contributor with a unnatural passion for finding great martini glasses. They are harder to find than you might think, but for fun I dedicated large portions of my adult life looking for that next great martini glass. Now with Tini Grails I'm sharing that passion with you.

Tini Grails was born on a Friday. 

[Note: Tini Grails is pronounced "TEE-NEE GRAILS"]

My favorite moment of the week is Friday at 5:00. The work week is over and the weekend is just beginning. 

Well, I got into a habit of sharing my Friday joy with my friends on Facebook and Instagram with a photo of my own "Friday martini." Here's a compilation of various "Friday Martini" shots over the years:.

various martini glass images from instagram

Anyway, these posts have become fairly popular with my friends. And it's not because I'm a great photographer (I'm not). It's because more people than I thought love a cool looking martini glass.

So I got to thinking. What if I opened an online store for everyone to share in my martini-glass finds? 

And just like that, Tini Grails was born. At Tini Grails, you could say Fridays are a national holiday 52 times a year.

Don't Match, Just Mix.

One thing I came to appreciate buying martini glasses at antique stores and flea markets (before Tini Grails) is that there is no reason for martini glasses in a home to all look the same.

It's boring and, worse, a missed opportunity for a striking display of personality and creativity. Not to mention the fact the glass can be a reflection of the mood you're in at that moment. 

Colorful artsy martini glasses against black.

Isn't that better? Imagine a few of those on your shelf at home. It's not that we're against matching glasses, but there's something about a different glass for every mood.

That's Tini Grails. We're here to help equip you with awesome, unique glasses that on any given Friday at 5:00 you can peruse and choose just the right one for your mood.

Happy Grailin'!

Will Burns, Founder