Why A Martini Glass Is A Great Gift (And Exactly Which One)

At Tini Grails, we think the martini glass is the coolest, most awesome thing in the world. So no one needs to convince us that one would make a great holiday gift. 

But not everyone is Tini Grails.

Today, I am going to go over exactly why a martini glass is an amazing gift and then focus on three of our glasses and who exactly might love them.

Martini glasses are designed to hold happy.

First of all, it helps if the gift receiver likes martinis, cosmos, gimlets, or any other fine alcoholic beverage traditionally served "up." Any of those drinks would magically transform from "good" to "awesome" in a Tini Grails martini glass. Heck, chocolate milk would be amazing in these glasses.

But the benefits of a great martini glass do not require any experience or obsession with a certain kind of drink.

When you entertain friends at your house, having a couple beautiful martini glasses at the bar says a few things about your get-together. One, you want everyone to have a good time (as in, really good). Two, you're not above shaking a fantastic cocktail for your friends. Three, it says you've got "martini worthy" alcohol at the ready because who would put out martini glasses and a bottle of Seagram's? (Hint: no one).

But here's the other reason. If you have a beautiful martini glass - or set of them - they will beg you, almost audibly, to use them. And I gotta say sitting down with your bestie having a quiet martini on a Friday night might just be a perfect kinda heaven.

Okay, one more. It says a lot about YOU that you'd give someone a martini glass.

Three glasses for three kinds of people.

Okay, you've decided to buy a martini glass - or set of them - for a friend or family member for Christmas. Which ones to buy? Here are three glasses with very specific profiles to go with them:

Who Would Love The Holly Grail?

Tini Grails Holly Grail martini glass

In short, The Holly Grail is for anyone obsessed with Christmas and holiday decorations. You know the type. Their house is well lit on the outside and inside every room is meticulously decorated and arranged to best emit the spirit of the holidays.

They love celebrations, parties, and having people over. They can recite nearly all of the movie "Elf." They smile a lot and are fun to be around, particularly during the most wonderful time of the year.

If you decide to give the Holly Grail, you may want to give it before Christmas so the receiver can enjoy it leading up to the special day. Plus, because it's a seasonal glass, we will be discontinuing it after New Year's Eve, so hurry.

Who Would Love The Patriot?

The Patriot martini glass at Tini Grails

There are three kinds of people who will absolutely love to receive The Patriot martini glass as a gift. The most obvious, given the stars and stripes motif, are our veterans. Patriots who serve our country would love to be served an ice-cold martini in The Patriot. And, damned if they don't deserve one.

The second person who would love this glass is any New England Patriots fan (like me). The glass represents the red, white and blue Patriots uniforms well. Tom Brady would totally dig these. Gronk can heal his aching back with a few of these. And any Pats fan would swear drinking out of this glass during a game on any given Sunday leads to certain victory. Try it, you'll see.

Lastly, and I admit these people are few and far between, but Evel Knievel fans. Remember him? Well, his uniform also donned the stars and stripes. I worshipped Evel Knievel as a kid and had that little motorcycle toy you revved up and send off jumps. Maybe you know someone like that?

 Who Would Love Crystal Clear?

Crystal Clear martini glass from Tini Grails

Not everyone wants a colorful martini glass. I get it. But that doesn't mean they don't want an interesting martini glass.

They may want a high quality crystal glass that is so clear that it's as invisible as Wonder Woman's plane (remember that?). I'm telling you this glass we call Crystal Clear is a gorgeous glass to behold. It's large - 12 ounce bowl - and the lead-free crystal is mouth blown in Romania. That's right, mouth blown in Romania.

So if you need a gift for a no-nonsense martini glass that still has a story behind it, look no further than Crystal Clear.

That's just three glasses. I strongly encourage you to peruse our entire collection and find exactly the right glass for the person you love. 

Oh, and our glasses will arrive in a nice, impressive, big box that you can wrap and your gift receiver will be sooooo happy.

Hey, it's all in the glass.

Happy Grailin' (and holidays)!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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