We Have A Winner Of Our Second 'Name The Grail' Contest

As you may remember we held a naming contest for our seasonal Thanksgiving martini glass. The winner was Tracy Simmons with her great suggestion, "The Plymouth." Well, we did it again with our new holiday glass and got over 60 fantastic ideas from people all over the country.

Some of my favorites were:

The Gingle Bell, submitted by Jen Hughes.

The Holly-Jolly Tini, submitted by Kevin Kehoe.

Tini Tim, submitted by Karen Lynch (loved this one).

Winter Chill, submitted by Pat Hayes.

Mistletini, submitted by Brion O'Connor.

But there can only be one winner.

There were a bunch of other great ones. But one idea stood above these and all the others. It was submitted by Doug Stone from Lexington, South Carolina:

Holly Grail martini glass at Tini Grails

Someone else submitted this name, but Doug submitted it first. It's a fantastic name for many reasons. One, I'm a sucker for cheap puns, so there's that. But it riffs beautifully on our company name, Tini Grails, and suggests the grail of all grails. The one King Arthur devoted his life and multiple quests to find. The grail that put all other grails on the map.

So for all these reasons, Mr. Stone will be receiving a free "Holly Grail" martini glass imminently. 

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas. We will definitely play "Name The Grail" again soon, so check back often. 


Happy grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails 

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