Watch The Birth Of A Mouth-Blown Martini Glass

Martini glasses are a beautiful shape. We all know that. But you may not know what goes into making a hand or mouth blown martini glass. I found an amazing video of three incredibly skilled women crafting one martini glass.

You just have to watch this.

If you didn't stand up and cheer at the 6:42 mark of that video when the classic martini glass shape first came into being, then might I direct you to aisle 8 where the beer is sold.  :-)

Can you believe they are only $29?

We carry two mouth blown glasses right now at Tini Grails: The Crystal Bishop (left) and The Crystal Sunset (right): 

The Crystal Bishop

And we will be bringing more of these beautiful Romanian glasses into the store soon. But after seeing what goes into making these glasses can you believe we can sell them for only $29? I honestly can't.

But glad we can.

Keep on Grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner of Tini Grails

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