Winner Announced Of The Tini Grails 'Name The Grail' Contest

[Note: The Plymouth martini glass is a seasonal glass and has been discontinued until next Thanksgiving]

Recently we challenged all you Grailers out there to help us name our Thanksgiving martini glass that we're adding to the store. And you did NOT disappoint. Click the original announcement and scroll down to the comments section to see all the proposed names.


It was a difficult decision, I have to say. Some of my favorite runner-ups were:

Crantini: Marsha Lally

The New Englander: Doug Stone

Autumn Taubut: Chris Harper

Cranberry Sauced: (Ha!) Brion O'Connor

The Christopher Columbus: Frank Muggia

All of those - and many more that were posted - could have made great names for this Thanksgiving martini glass.

But only one could win.


The Plymouth Martini Glass At Tini Grails

Contributed by Tracy Simmons. Congratulations, Tracy!

I just loved this name the second I saw it, and did so for several reasons. Most importantly it's a nice suggestion of Thanksgiving without being heavy handed about it or overly cute. It's a strong sounding name for a relatively serious and reflective holiday.

And it just so happens to suggest my personal favorite nectar of the gin persuasion that so often occupies my own personal Tini Grails: Plymouth Gin. Perhaps there will be opportunities for cross promotion.

Tracy will be receiving a brand new "The Plymouth" martini glass as soon as it's available next week.

Thank you to everyone who posted their great ideas!

We will do this again soon for the Christmas martini glass that's coming soon.

Happy Grailing!

- Will Burns, Owner of Tini Grails

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  • Thanks Will! I can see how difficult the choice was! I remembered your affinity for Plymouth Gin. I’m stoked to win this because as soon as I saw it I knew it was going on my list to purchase! Now aI can focus on deciding which other one I want!

    • Tracy