To Hold You Is To Love You - The Crystal Bishop Martini Glass

We've got a new martini glass, people. We call it the "Crystal Bishop" (named by one of our followers on Facebook). We love the obvious things about it. The fact it's from Romania, made of lead-free crystal, and is hand-blown by artisans. The profile, too - the slightly beveled mouth, the crafted knob towards the top of the stem, the deep-dish 8.5 ounce bowl. Mmm.

But what truly makes this glass "grail worthy" is how it feels to hold.
The knob in the stem gives the martini experience a center of gravity (literally and figuratively). The hand naturally goes to the knob, one finger above it, one below, and digs in. The physics now facilitated, the glass almost seems friendly, like it's smiling at you.

And who knows, maybe it is.

Click here for more pictures of the Crystal Bishop or to pick one up.

Happy Grailin'!

Will Burns, Owner

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