It's Time To Bundle Up - Your Martini Glasses, That Is

As you may know, we believe sets of identical martini glasses are a missed opportunity. You buy four glasses, say, and every one is exactly the same. Where's the creativity? Where's the personality? Where's the differentiation between martini enjoyers at your party ("Is that your glass or is it mine?")?

So, introducing Martini Glass Bundles from Tini Grails. Glasses that are not identical but go together well AND save you money ($16 savings to be exact - $4 less per glass than if you were to buy them one at a time).

The Whirls Bundle:

The Whirls Bundle of unique martini glasses at Tini Grails

These four glasses come from our Whirls Collection. As you can see, they are not identical, but clearly go together. All hand-painted and sharing the same design scheme, but with different colors for the bowl, stem and base. Not only are these martini glasses fun to drink out of (trust me), they are fun to display when you're not (trust me on that, too).

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The Spirals Bundle:

The Spirals Bundle of unique martini glasses at Tini Grails

Another colorful bundle with more saturated colors and intricate design. The stems are as bold as the bowls, the base with a flowery and unifying design, and an energy of happiness radiating out of each one. Again, great for drinking and for displaying - these are works of art that go great together.

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The Patriot Bundle:

The Patriot Bundle of unique martini glasses at Tini Grails

Okay, so I'm violating my own rule with this one, but these glasses look so much like a certain football team (and very similar name to our glass "The Patriot") that we decided to bundle four of them up, too. A little fan solidarity for our friends in New England.

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Coming soon, more bundles:

We are working on a bundle representing our Romanian Crystal Collection. Perhaps a more eclectic bundle with little rhyme or reason. Bundles in twos, sixes, eights. Please let us know below if you have any ideas for bundles and we'll consider it.

Remember, it's all in the glass. Bundle up.

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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