Tini Grails Is One Year Old This Month - Spread The News

This first year has a blast. It's been so much fun looking for and bringing to you amazing martini glasses. Even more fun hearing how much people love them. 

And, as an advertising guy, it's been fun for me to think about and create social media content to build awareness for the brand and for our grails. May there be many more years to come.

Question is, how can we start year two with a bang?

They say July is a slow media month. Let's prove them wrong!

Some of you have been liking our content on Facebook, some sharing it or commenting on it. You have no idea how much that helps us. In fact, one "like" on Facebook can mean hundreds more people see our stuff. It's crazy exponential like that. We hope you'll continue doing that.

But if you want to do more...

Below are several "ads" for various grails. If you right-click on any of them you can save them to your hard drive and then can post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Heck, maybe even send them to your friends via email.

Post one or post them all, up to you (or none, we'll still love you). But if you do be sure to tag Tini Grails when you can and include our url in your comment: www.tinigrails.com.

Let's cripple the internet with Tini Grails ads, shall we?

Beautiful Sail In Blue martini glass on the tropical ocean near a boat.

The Statesman martini glass stands outside before the Washington Monument.

Mosaic Relic martini glass against the beautiful vistas of Sedona, New Mexico.

The Golden Grail set against Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland.

Crystal Sunset martini glass set against a real sunset on Tunk Lake, Maine.

Checked Mate martini glass against a sea of black and white squares.

Thank you in advance for your nice birthday present!

I can't wait to find more grails for year two. With your help in spreading the word, year two will be even more amazing.

Because, remember, it's all in the glass!

Kindest regards,

Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails


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