Tini Grails Introduces An International Symbol For 'Tini Time' In New Video

This video was made in exactly one day. I had the idea while on an early Friday walk. I sent out a call for "Tini Time" clips to a bunch of friends that morning and boy did they respond. Edited the video myself using iMovie that afternoon just in time for: Friday Tini Time.

Take a look:

Did you watch to the very, very end? It's worth it. And, incidentally, this video has many advertising legends in it.

If you want to send me your own clip, please do so and I'll make more of these videos. More creative the better - alone, in groups, fun locations, whatever you want. Just make sure you have the "Tini Time" gesture in it. Then email your clip to willburns@tinigrails.com. Thanks in advance.

Keep on grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails 

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