Tini Grails Has A New Martini Glass: "The Crystal Matrix"

What better day to introduce a new martini glass to the world than a Friday. It's straight from Romania, hand-made one at a time (mouth blown, actually) by artisans there. Even the intricate etching pattern, which inspired the "Matrix" name, is hand done. A truly interdimensional experience.

Introducing The Crystal Matrix:

Tini Grails martini glass The Crystal Matrix shot on a frozen lake

All of our glasses look better in person and this one is no different. The crystal is so clear and perfect, which helps the elaborate etchings pop. The etched effect reminded me of cracked ice so I decided to shoot a short video (less than a minute) of the glass propped on a frozen lake in the North Shore of Massachusetts:

And here are a couple other close-up shots of this fabulous glass in use:

Tini Grails martini glass The Crystal Matrix shot in front of a shadowy wall.Tini Grails martini glass The Crystal Matrix shot with some fall flowers.

It's the etchings, the crystal quality, and the slightly beveled lip that make this martini glass a must for any martini glass collection. 

Buy one today and see for yourself.

Keep on grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner of Tini Grails

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