Tini Grails Gets Some Local PR Love

I was smack-my-forehead-happy to see that my local paper, The Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle, decided to make an article about Tini Grails the lead story for the week! You can read the full article online if you like, "Hamilton man seeks your perfect 'Tini Grail' through his new online store," written by Tim McCarthy. But I honestly couldn't believe the article got such a prominent position. 

The writer came to my house for the interview.

Tim McCarthy, the paper's news editor, kindly made a house call for this interview, which was ideal since I had all the Tini Grail glasses on full display in my living room (as you know, I try out every glass before putting them into the store).

In fact, when he saw them all (see photo) I was talking about how boring it can be to have a set of martini glasses that all looked identical and he pulled out his video recorder and said, "Say that on video!"

So without any preparation whatsoever I was getting filmed talking about how at Tini Grails we believe mixing and not matching martini glasses. Or something, I don't remember what I said, to be honest. I've been looking for the video online but haven't seen it yet. 

But check the Tini Grails Facebook page and if I find it I'll post it there (if it's not too embarrassing).

Anyway, a big thank you to Tim and The Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle for the local love. 

Keep on grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

P.S. It's almost Friday.

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