Three Secret Powers That Come With Collecting Different Martini Glasses

September 15, 2017

Three Secret Powers That Come With Collecting Different Martini Glasses

To celebrate Friday (a national holiday at Tini Grails that happens 52 times a year), let’s talk about your martini glasses, en masse. I’m sure there are many reasons to treat them as a varied collection and not as a identical set.

But here are just three.

One, Indoor Fireworks.

No one puts their martini "set" on display. Maybe they are in a glass hutch because that’s where the martini glasses go, but not because they are anything to look at. They may as well be wine glasses (egads!).

Having a collection of martini glasses, each of which having its own identity, creates a bouquet of glasses that are difficult NOT to put out there for all to see. Center of the table, on top of the bar, hung upside down on glass tracks.

Four different hand painted martini glasses on display on a bar with a silver shaker.

It’s like adding a little fireworks display in any room. And listen, you’ll almost hear the glasses with all that long-stemmed confidence shouting that life just shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Pick me up. Shake a cold ‘tini. Enjoy the hell out of the rest of your day.

At least that’s what mine tell me.

Two, Empowered To Choose.

Let’s face it, not every Friday is the same. Not every week is the same. You wouldn’t put the same music on every Friday night, so why would you force yourself to drink out of the same glass?
Sometimes you’re feeling red hot. Sometimes sunny and bright. Sometimes a little blue. We have martini glasses for every mood.

And sometimes you might feel a little out of control with what life has served up this week and the act of choosing the exact right glass restores a modicum of control. Take THAT, crappy week!

To me, the act of choosing the right glass adds to the already elaborate ritual that is the great martini drinking experience.

Three, Which One Is My Glass?

When everyone’s got the same exact glass design it’s impossible to tell whose is whose. That’s awkward at a dinner party but wholly avoidable.

Having four different glasses gives each member of your party a martini-glass identity. They get to choose a glass just for them (see point #2 above) and then their chosen glass loyally rides alongside your guest for the night keeping spirits up.

Tini Grails Has Your Collection Covered.

At Tini Grails, we don't care if you ignore this post and buy four of any one glass. We won’t judge. But we try to give you ways to look at collections of glasses that “go together” without being boringly identical. And that give you an opportunity to personalize your martini-drinking experience.

Like the four glasses in our Whirls and Spirals Collections. Each glass in these collections share the same art direction, but are different colors. So you get to check the “set” box but still have different enough glasses to check the “collection” box, too.

Whirls Collection (click image):

Whirls Collection of martini glasses at Tini Grails

Spirals Collection (click image):

We also have two “pairs” of martini glasses that go great together if you’re just looking for two. Our “Crystal Ocean” and “Crystal Fire” are identical in shape but have different colored bubbles blown into their stems (shown below - click image to be magically transported to the Crystal Ocean page).

The other is our “Mosaic Relic” and “Mosaic Dunes” pair. Both are hand-painted using the same color palette (Southwest inspired), but different designs (click image to see the Mosaic Dunes up close).

Mosaic Relic and Mosaic Dunes martini glasses shot outside on a patio from the side and from above.

Or if you’re feeling a little bolder, buy any four from our Hand Painted Collection because all of these glasses are the same shape/size, so you can simply choose any four (or more) that you think go together well. If you take this route, please post pictures on our Tini Grails Facebook page so you can inspire us with your ideas.

Martini glasses do not have to match - party cheers Tini Grails.

I mean, just look at those. Impossible to be unhappy with those glasses, I'm telling you.

In the end, Friday evenings are the single most important moment of the week, if you ask me. Make yours that much better with a unique collection of martini glasses.

Because, hey, it's all in the glass!

Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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