This Veterans Day, Let's Make It Personal

Veterans Day martini glass The Patriot at Tini Grails

It's easy I think to let the word "veterans" become an abstraction in our minds. Some invisible force that we know does good for the country, but that we so easily take for granted.

Today I intend to make Veterans Day personal.

I am going to think about "veterans" not as an abstraction but as actual real people.

I am talking to you.

I don't know how you do what you do, or did what you did. I never served. But I sure as hell am glad there are people like you in our country giving me the freedom to have a family, an advertising career, start an idea company, and this little online martini glass store.

Thank you for risking your lives so I can be more of who I am.

I am forever grateful to Mike DeTraglia, my cousin Brian Roberts, Jack Alverman, Joe Nolan, my dad Nick Burns, Uncle Red, Uncle Owen, Uncle Dick, Bernie Burns, Jim Burns, Jack Burns, Joby Burns, Alexander Monroe, Joe Blackburn, Tom Tanch, David Pelletier, Gardner McCormick and Greg Davis. I'm sure there are others that I'll think of later and add them to this list.

This Veterans Day, a Friday no less, let's raise our glasses with personal sincerity by raising them to specific veterans, not to "veterans."

For added impact, I am bringing out the heavy artillery.

I will be raising my favorite kind of glass - a martini glass - with my favorite drink - a Plymouth martini, dry, shaken, olives - and one designed with our stars and stripes - The Patriot.

To you! 

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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