Saying Yes To A Unique Martini Glass Is Often Visceral

We don't just carry any martini glass at Tini Grails. No, as you probably know by now, to be "grail worthy" there's a certain criteria every martini glass must meet. You can read about the specifics of those criteria here.

But today I want to focus more on the visceral elements to testing a martini glass. For example, I got a shipment of six candidates today and I noticed my thought process went far beyond just those criteria listed above.

It's impossible not to compare these to each other.

If you looked at that image above, I bet a glass popped out that was your favorite and perhaps another that was your least favorite. This is human nature, and I am quite human.

The first thing I did was line them all up on a table and look them up and down like a drill sergeant would his troops. There was one that jumped out at me as a quick favorite and one I can't say I loved.

I can't always articulate well why I like one martini glass over another. Why do you like that Beatles song? Why do you like any art you see? The visceral truth seems to reside in a different part of the brain than that for language. But we know when we know, right?

Well, it starts there.

Will the martini glasses play nice together?

The second stage of visceral evaluation was how these glasses would fit with the others already in the Tini Grails store. For example, the green striped glass would fit really well rounding out our "Whirls Collection" because we don't have a green one yet.

Or the orange, blue and purple glasses - they all share a similar design to our existing "Mellow Meadow" martini glass. So including a couple of those would give us a nice, non-matching, set for people who like that design.

Seasonality for martini glasses?

My college-aged daughter walked by as I was evaluating these glasses and pointed to the one in the top right (with the red berries) and said, "That would make a great Thanksgiving glass, Dad."

She was so right. So now that glass is a winner because of its seasonal relevance. But it didn't end there.

The glass on the bottom left is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, if you ask me. So, boom, another holiday martini glass.

Martini glasses, like art, are about the rational and emotional.

All of these insights and ideas and reactions happened within about 15 minutes. I knew that all the glasses passed the more rational criteria - looks like a martini glass, has a stem, holds nicely, etc. - so at this point it's more the emotional side of martini-glass evaluation.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see which of this set of six candidates won the visceral battle and will be officially dubbed "Grails" and put into the Tini Grails store!

Keep on Grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner of Tini Grails

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