Martini Glass Collection Unified By Design, Yet Boldly Independent

You've seen our Whirls Collection already - four martini glasses who share a design scheme but are different colors. I am looking at creating a new collection of martini glasses that share a different design scheme from Whirls and are even bolder colors. But I'd love your thoughts first.

We already carry a hand painted martini glass called "Mellow Meadow" that is green. Very green. Saturated green. It has beautiful hand-painted spirals on the bowl and a super cool "star" squigglies on the base. And it has a gorgeous stem of red and orange giving the glass intrigue and energy from top to bottom.

Here it is:

Well, there are three other glasses in this family that I'm considering carrying. An orange one. And a purple one. And a blue one. All of which share a design scheme, yet none are shy about their colors:

Now, let's look at them all together:

I mean, these are fun aren't they? 

Let me know below in the comments (or on our Facebook page) what you think of these as a collection

The beauty of an unmatched-yet-matching set like this is that you can have four martini drinkers over on a Friday night and never mix up your glasses. Yet at the same time all four glasses "go" together.

All thoughts welcome!

P.S. Since this post was posted we have named and launched this collection. Click to see "The Spiral Collection."

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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