The Battery In San Francisco - A Great Place To Be A Martini Glass

I had the great pleasure to have dinner at The Battery, an exclusive social club with advertising titan and friend, John Elder (of Heat Advertising). I was told the place had a "no assholes" policy in place and I must say, except perhaps me and John, everyone lived by it.

But the true delight for me came not in the lack of assholes, but in the preponderance of gin on the gin list. 

Now THAT, fellow Grailers, is a gin list. I was pretty sure I could hear some of the martini glasses behind the bar giggling with anticipation. 

Now I am a Plymouth guy, myself. I love how clean and crisp (yet still interesting) it is, without trying to be cool with overpowering botanicals. Still, with this list, even though Plymouth was on it, I had to try a couple new ones. 

The first was Sipsmith, a brand a friend of mine recommended recently. I ordered it straight up (of course), dry, with olives. Loved it. A little fruitier than Plymouth, but didn't blow my head off. And the martini glass it arrived in was a beautiful, clear, efficient, 7-ouncer, with a thick stem and short but clearly "martini-shaped" bowl. Worked nicely.

But then...

I tried Hayman's Old Tom, another that I'd heard about but never tried. I ordered it exactly the same way as the Sipsmith but this time it arrived in what could only be described as a dessert glass. I wish I thought to take a picture of it, but it was short with a tiny and almost spherical bowl made for sorbet, not Hayman's. The Hayman's itself was delicious but the glass made me wish I'd ordered a beer. 

And so it all once again - even at this exclusive awesome place in San Francisco - came back to the glass. You can get everything right - the gin, the amount of vermouth, the olives, the temperature, even the company. But get the glass wrong and the whole house of Tini cards falls down. 

I don't mean to slam The Battery - it's truly a great place with many great gins.

But this experience only confirms that the mission I am on with Tini Grails is a noble and important one! Evan in San Francisco, it's all in the glass.

Happy Grailing!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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