Now This Is Our Kind Of Fundraiser: A Martini Party

A nonprofit in Lafayette, LA, called Healing House is a place for grieving children to work through their grief in a safe environment. As their site puts it:

Healing House is a non-profit agency focused on helping children through grief issues in a group atmosphere. We do not provide counseling or therapy, but a safe place, where children who have experienced a death of a loved one can express their thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways.

Call in the martinis.

This group threw a very creative fundraiser in partnership with Absolut vodka recently called "Lafayette's Absolut Best Martinis," where the entire event was about finding the best martinis in town. It included a "Tini Tour" (love that name) every Tuesday where followers hit up the various restaurants competing for the best martini and each "vote" cost a $1 donation. Smart.

Then the final 8 restaurants met in what was called "The Final Showdown" to crown the winner. It looked like a great event, martinis everywhere, fun by all.

(Photo credit:  Kris Wartelle)

For a nonprofit to build a fundraiser around our favorite drink proves that martinis are not only fun, they can inject energy into anything. Cudos to Healing House for such a creative idea that involved the whole community.

Now, imagine if Tini Grails were involved how much better looking each martini would have been! Perhaps next year we will donate a few Tini Grails to Healing House for give-aways or raffles.

We've been inspired.

How about you? How could you use martinis to add inspiration to your next fundraising event?

Keep on grailing!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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