Name The Grail: Holiday Martini Glass

We are continuing our new tradition of asking you to name a new martini glass. The first time we did it with our Thanksgiving glass, Tini Grail customer Tracy Simmons won it with her submission, "The Plymouth." It was so much fun we want to do it again with our martini glass for the holidays.

If your name for our holiday glass is chosen, you win the glass free.

To inspire you here's a picture of the glass against a snowy, wintery landscape. While it makes the glass look as big as the Griswold's tree on Christmas Vacation, hopefully it gets you into the holiday spirit in October!

Tini Grails holiday martini glass

Now, here's your "brief" for what we're looking for in a name. 

  • The name needs to avoid specific Christmas or Hanukkah references because we are an equal opportunity martini glass provider! All holidays are welcome to enjoy martinis in this glass.
  • That said, the name does need some connection to the holiday season. A challenge, right?
  • Could be something around family, celebrating with those you love, sharing, gifts.
  • Could be about the winter, the snow, and the iconic "scenes" of the holidays.
  • Could be about spirit, spirited, spirits. There's gotta be something there given the time of year.
  • Could be inspired by the beautiful glass design. It's truly majestic with the greens, golds, reds and whites. And the focal point is the green garland donning the entire bowl. I'm telling you, you look at this glass and it makes you happy. 
  • Could be something else that you think would make a great name for this great glass.

How do enter your proposed name(s).

It's simple. Just post your name suggestion in the comments section below this blog post. If I choose yours, you get the glass. Simple as that.

Enter as many names as you'd like. And please give me a little explanation of your name in case I don't get it (it happens).

Now, if two people propose the same name the winner will be the first to post the name. So make sure you read the name suggestions already posted first.

Contest ends on November 1st at noon EST.

Have at it! And thanks for participating. Can't wait to see your ideas.

- Will Burns, owner Tini Grails

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  • Evergrini (like an evergreen)
    The Garland

    • Joel Grieco
  • The Fra-Gee-Lee (in reference to A Christmas Story and glassware in general)

    • Lisa Taylor
  • The Gin Gin-a-Ling
    (Think of the song: Jing Jing-a-Ling or the Sleigh Bell song)

    • Jen Hughes
  • The Gingle Bell

    • Jen Hughes
  • Holiday Fun-Tini

    • Kimberly Roberts