Through Tini Grails, Martini Glasses Declare Their Independence

July 02, 2016

Through Tini Grails, Martini Glasses Declare Their Independence

It's appropriate, I think, this being Independence Day weekend, to celebrate the fact that martini glasses, too, wish to declare their independence.

I mean, I'm not surprised that people buy sets of identical martini glasses. It's the only way other retailers allow you to buy them. Most won't even LET you buy just one glass.

What a crime. A crime committed against the independence of unique, special martini glasses everywhere. 

Think about it from the perspective of the glass.

With four identical glasses, say, none of them feel special. None stand out. Worse, during a martini party guests mistake their glass for another, which only reminds each glass how un-special it is.

It's sad, really.

Is it any wonder that as soon as you get your set of four identical glasses, one mysteriously breaks? When no one looks, I bet the glasses take matters into their own hands. It's survival of the fittest on that shelf until only one is left.

But Tini Grails is different.

Tini Grails is the shot heard 'round the world helping martini glasses declare their independence. You can buy one glass at a time. You can buy sets of glasses that are not identical but go together. Here is an example, our "Whirls Collection":

We just think it's more fun to have different glasses to choose from on any given Friday night, for you and for your guests. 

With martini-glass independence, you'll be happier, your guests will be happier and by god your martini glasses will be happier.

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