Martini Glass Centerpieces Inspired By A Gift Basket

In doing some research on decorative uses of martini glasses, I stumbled upon several martini glass centerpieces for weddings that leveraged the beautiful martini shape in very creative ways. Thing is, in every case the martini glasses were see-through clear, which seemed like a missed opportunity to me. 

At about the same time, a customer of Tini Grails posted this picture of a gift basket she had put together that took full advantage of the Tini Grails vibe. Here's a look:

Notice how the glasses not only lend their classic shape like a flower would in a bouquet, but their respective colors add to the display. The Tini Grails coaster in the middle that comes with every shipment didn't hurt, either.  :-)

Pictured here on the left is the Pink Whirl martini glass (a little hard to see) and on the right is the Mosaic Relic

Were these clear martini glasses it just wouldn't have the same effect. The color and design of these glasses add so much to the basket's display.

Now, imagine the upgrade for martini glass centerpieces at weddings.

If you've been at a wedding recently you've probably seen some pretty creative uses of martini glasses.

Super tall martini glasses coupled with medium and short glasses creating a bouquet effect, super enormous martini glasses filled with candy or glowing rocks, or even upside down as candle-holders like this one:

I love that, but just imagine the individuality of expression if the glasses weren't clear but were from our Whirls Collection, say:

It would still be elegant, still creative (if not more), yet would have a unique and bold flair that would be entertaining and useful.

Further, perhaps the martini glasses could be given away to the guests as keepsakes for coming to the wedding (imagine the toasts you'll get on Instagram at every anniversary). 

So, yes, Tini Grails exists to improve your martini drinking experience one glass at a time. But the design and color of our glasses could be wonderful ways to add class and art to any martini glass centerpiece at your next party or function.

Hey, it's all in the glass!

- Will Burns, Owner of Tini Grails

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