Married Couples Who Drink Together Stay Together - New Study

A new study out of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan has found that married couples who drink alcohol regularly together, "...reported decreased negative marital quality over time." That's right, double-negative aside, we now have scientific proof that a couple who drinks together, stays together. Which, naturally, got us Tini Grailers thinking.

What if these same happy couples didn't drink their alcohol together in boring glasses, but in riveting, exciting, fantastic glasses? Just imagine how much happier those couples would be.

So with the news of this new study we saw it as our duty to go back into our inventory of martini glasses and find romantic pairs, or glasses one might pair romantically. None are identical to each other (like a marriage), but each just naturally go together (like a marriage). 

Divorce has no chance against Pink Whirl & Sky Purple:

Some people are just purple people, right? This pairing starts there and assumes one of the married couple loves purple with our Sky Purple martini glass. Then we pair that with Pink Whirl, which shares the overall design, is also hand-painted, but is a different color. Love is in the air.

No one will fight over Mosaic Relic & Mosaic Dunes:

These two martini glasses are hand-painted with the same Southwestern color palette, but retain enough independence to think for themselves. You could say they go together but retain their identities. That's a healthy marriage.

Nothing but attraction with Checked Mate & The Statesman:

Not all married couples like to show their colors. At least not all the time. These two martini glasses share a love for the monochromatic, but are no less spectacular. Both hand-painted, both looking for a loving home.

And sometimes opposites attract.

There are many other pairings we could suggest, but it's also fun to just go to the Tini Grails store and each choose your own. They could be from opposite ends of the spectrum - different colors, different shapes, different everything. But they will still be unified if you share a drink with them together.

Heck, we've got proof now that drinking together is good for marriages. Let's improve our chances by doing so in amazing glasses.

We'll drink to that.

Keep on grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner

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