The Imperfections Make A Martini Glass Perfect

Something I've learned over the years and more acutely as I've researched countless martini glasses for Tini Grails. It's the imperfections in the craftsmanship that makes each glass perfect.

These imperfections give each glass character and remind us that we're not sipping out of a machine-made, cookie-cutter of a martini glass that everyone in America also has.

Hand-painted imperfections.

If you look closely at our hand-painted glasses (the great majority right now), you can actually see the brush strokes. I had a martini this weekend in our "Checked Mate" glass. If you look at the picture below you can see what I mean:

There's just something so charming about the fact each glass was painted by hand by an actual artist. The design is the same each time the glass is made, of course, but the subtle human differences from one to the next make these hand-painted glasses extra special, I think.

Hand-blown imperfections.

We are just starting to add hand-blown crystal glasses from Romania to our assortment. The first is this amazing glass we call "The Crystal Bishop." It's hard to see in a picture, but the bowl of the glass has a wavy quality to it - regular and vertical undulations that give this otherwise crystal-clear glass texture and interest.

I am quite certain no two of these glasses are exactly alike.

Have a look below at the picture, and look to the left of the olive above the liquid for a white reflection that shows this beautiful ribbon wave across the entire glass.

Add to that the fact the mouth of each glass isn't 100% perfectly round. It's close - like 98% - but still your eye can detect the imperfection. And in recognizing it we are reminded that this glass was hand made by an artisan in Romania, which adds to our enjoyment.

It's all in the glass. 

When we say "It's all in the glass," it's not just an advertising slogan. We mean it. And we will continue to scour the world for the perfect martini glasses, with all their wonderful imperfections.

Happy Grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner

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