Is Your Client Grail Worthy?

Maintaining solid client relationships is everything these days. Building client loyalty can feel like building a sand castle with a sieve. But send an occasional, low cost gift and make it that much harder for your client to leave. 

Martini Glasses Make Excellent Client Gifts

Martini glasses are classy and cool already. But Tini Grails martini glasses are also incredibly unique. Some are hand painted, the glass in some is hand blown, and you can buy just one and not a phony set of four of the exact same glass. 

Better yet, you can make it an annual thing so your client builds their collection of Tini Grails over time, ever building loyalty and positive inertia in your relationship. 

Oh, and most are only $25. I guarantee the impression this thoughtful gift will make will far exceed that price. 

But only do it if these clients are "Grail Worthy" in the first place!


  1. Review all of our glasses here.
  2. Choose the one you think your client will love most and add it to your cart. 
  3. You'll see a box at checkout where you can type in special instructions. Type up a short note to your client and we will make sure the glass arrives with that note (though we recommend you also give your client a heads up separately so he or she knows it's coming). 
  4. Enjoy more client loyalty. 

Happy Grailin'!

- Will Burns

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