How To Be A Martini Glass For Halloween

A couple of years ago we had our first Edfund Halloween Party in Hamilton, MA (I am a board member). Naturally, I went as a martini. Once at the party it was a little hard to get a cocktail to my mouth - ironic, I know - but it was otherwise a great get-up.

Check out the picture to see what it looked like. And below that for how I made this costume.

Halloween costume martini glass


Here's how I did it.

The bowl of the martini glass was one of those cones you put on a dog when you don't want them to aggravate a hot spot. Get the biggest one you can find at the pet store.

I found a tightly-fitted olive-green knit hat and glued a red circle onto it to represent the pimento. So your head is the olive.

Then I tightly rolled up a large piece of white paper into the shape of an olive pick. This took some experimentation because you don't want the pick to be too heavy or it will be hard to keep pinned to your hat.

Now, for the body my goal was a dark background so that I could create a "stem" that would be visible against it. I simply put on a black long sleeve shirt and black pants. I bought some white duct tape and created a white stripe from the neck of my shirt all the way down to the crotch area (be sure to cut it at the waste so you can go to the bathroom!). Create that stem on the front and back of your shirt.

The legs were a bit trickier because you want to create the illusion of a single stem all the way down the base of the "glass." So it's about sticking the white tape on the inside seams of your pants, on either side. That way, when your legs are together it makes up a decent continuation of the stem

For the base, I had old Chuck Taylor sneakers that were black leather and white rubber trim. The white trim wasn't enough white so I had to reinforce it with white tape all the way around my shoes. You don't need Chuck Taylors for this effect. Any sneakers will work.

Now, stand up straight, hands behind your back, feet spread wide and you're a martini!

If you decide to be a martini glass for Halloween this year, please be sure to post your pictures on our Facebook page for all to see.

Happy Grailing!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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