Help Tini Grails Choose Its Next Martini Glass For A Chance To Win

Want to try and win a free martini glass? Well, we've got two new crystal martini-glass candidates we've discovered, but we're going to let you decide which one launches first. Just post your vote below in the blog's comments section (not on Facebook). The glass with the most votes will launch next week. And don't forget to make a compelling case. Because...

The most compelling post wins the glass free! 

Now, about these two martini glasses. Let's call them "Glass A" and "Glass B" as the picture indicates.

Two crystal martini glasses, one hand painted and the other with an orange bubble inside.

What these glasses have in common:

Both, like rest of our Romanian Crystal Collection, are lead-free crystal and mouth blown by artisans in Romania. So they're both awesome no matter what.

But there are significant differences as well.


A 9 oz. glass, Glass A is very vibrant and cheerful, its bowl with an arabesque thread painted gold, then filled in with red, blue, green, and yellow paint. Each glass is painted by hand, again, by skilled artisans in Romania, leaving the stem, well, crystal clear.

Were we to carry Glass A at Tini Grails it would be the only hand-painted crystal glass.


Glass B is a bit bigger than Glass A (12 oz.) and is in some ways the opposite of Glass A. You'll see it's the stem that enjoys a burst of orange color, leaving the bowl clear. But the color in Glass B is not painted on, it's a colored bubble that is elongated throughout and within the stem. 

Note that the colored bubble is the same concept as our "Crystal Ocean" martini glass, only the bubble is orange and not blue.

So, what's it going to be? A or B?

Again, post your vote below in the comments section and give us a couple sentences of rationale. If your glass wins the most votes AND I like the case you make below the best, I will send you one of the winning glasses free.

Voting ends on lucky Friday, January 13th.

Have fun. Tell your friends. And keep on Grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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  • Glass B exudes simplicity, elegance, style and serenity.

    • Jeannine Coronna
  • Vessel B for two reasons: The colors remind me of our New England Patriots headed to possibly their 5th Superbowl challenge! The stem is beautifully shaped and feminine similar to the gorgeous Hollywood beauties of the past including Grace Kelly, Jayne Mansfield, and the recently passed Doris Day.

    • Emily Hayes
  • Let’s toast to old Romania,
    Producer of fine glass;
    Like this hand-painted Tini Grail,
    Distinctively world class.
    Red, green, and blue, and yellow, too!
    It’s colors come alive,
    And complement a cheerful drink
    When Friday night arrives.

    • Sherwood B.
  • Correction – i meant to vote for B, the big one…the one as big as a whale.

    • woody kay
  • A.
    There once was a man from Nantucket
    Who drank his martinis in buckets.
    But he won a glass grail
    As big as a whale,
    And as for the bucket, he chucked it.

    • woody kay