GRAILME15 Sale: 15% Off Tini Grails Orders Of $100 Or More

To pull a phrase from the cliches of retail, there's never been a better time to get your martini glasses. Welcome to the GRAILME15 sale. 

Here's how it works. Go to Tini Grails, order enough beautiful martini glasses to get you over the $100 threshold, and then when you check out input the following discount code: GRAILME15 (case sensitive).

And POOF, you'll get 15% off the entire order.  The more you buy in a single purchase above the $100, of course, the more that 15% can work for you.

Get an eclectic set of different grails for yourself. Buy an entire collection. Get four or six of our seasonal "The Plymouth" Thanksgiving glasses. Or get a head start on holiday gifts for your friends and family.

Just type in GRAILME15 at checkout and you will be duly grailed!

Because you know that other retail cliche, limited time offer so act now


- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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