Gin Martinis Are Good For You (You Read That Right)

I've always been a gin martini man, myself. Plymouth, to be exact. I love the wide array of flavors in the gin category. It's fun to try different ones and compare. But I never thought gin might be good for us. Gin? That is, until I read this heaven-sent article from Stylist

Oh, juniper berry. I had no idea how awesome you were.

Here's the short list of gin's superpowers:

  • Reduces inflammation, thereby reducing joint pain. Yes!
  • Antioxidants found in the juniper berry make it a superfood. Take that, oxidants!
  • Gin is a diuretic which makes it good for your kidneys. Yessir!
  • Gin is good for your skin - it's the juniper berry's flavonoids. Mega yes!
  • The bitters added to gin also boost the body's digestive enzymes. Holy yes!

Of course, we all know that drinking alcohol to excess is never good for you no matter how super the berry. But it's nice to know that gin in moderation might not only be food for a healthy mood, but a healthy body.

Now, imagine the health qualities of gin were it poured into one of our Tini Grail martini glasses! We might all live forever.

Happy Grailing!

- Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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