Friday Spotlight: Hawkeye And Trapper's Gin Still From Mash

It's Friday and you know what that means. And if you don't, I'll tell you. It means today at 5:00 pm everyone across this great land of ours stops working and starts shaking.

A martini shaker, of course. The sound immediately spreads martini cheer. That's why we shake it loud and clear for all to hear (can you imagine Elf after a martini?).

And in celebration of this very-human ritual, I give you one of the great scenes in American sitcom history: Hawkeye Pierce's and BJ Hunnicut's homemade gin distillery from Mash.

Mash: Hawkeye and BJ Hunnicut gin distillery in Korean War.

Isn't that beautiful?

What's it made of? All military grade material. According to one episode, BJ says that the heating coil is from an ammo truck, the funnel is from the generator shed and the filter is made with shredded skivvies (Frank Burns' skivvies, to be exact).

Ha! If only it were truly that easy. I once looked into building a still in my basement but discovered that it's illegal in Massachusetts due to the fire hazard it creates.

Ah well, I'm happy to stick with Plymouth Gin...for now.

I wonder which Tini Grails martini glass Hawkeye would have chosen.

Happy Friday, everyone. And happy grailing!

Will Burns, Owner Tini Grails

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