Tini Grails: It's All About The Glass

My name is Will Burns and I am a the founder of advertising agency, Ideasicle, and a Forbes Contributor with a weekend passion for finding great martini-glasses. They are harder to find than you might think, but for fun I have dedicated large portions of my adult life looking for that next great martini glass. Now with Tini Grails I'm sharing that passion with you.

Because, to me, great martinis are all about the glass. The shape, the feel, the color (if any), all of it. 

Tini Grails was born on a Friday. 

My favorite moment of the week - as it may be for you as well - is Friday at 5:00. The work week is over and the weekend is just beginning. 

I got into a habit of sharing my Friday joy with my friends on Facebook and Instagram with a photo of my "Friday martini" (you can dig around and see a few on my Instagram account here).

Here are a few recent shots:

martini by the hammock     

Anyway, these posts have become fairly popular with my friends. And it's not because I'm a great photographer (I'm not). It's because more people than I thought love a cool martini glass.

So I got to thinking. What if I opened an online store for everyone to share in my martini-glass obsession? 

And just like that Tini Grails was born.

The Tini Grails martini glass selection criteria:

The glasses I include in the store now are just the beginning. We will be continually adding new ones as I find them.

In fact, most glasses I review do not make the cut. Even those that look good online must be sampled (by me) before making it into the store. Looking good is only half the battle.

To that point, here are the qualities a martini glass must have to make the cut at Tini Grails:

  • Must be cool - this is totally subjective, I realize, but the glass has to make me want a martini or it's out. I'd rather drink a beer than insult the sacred nectar of a martini with a horrible glass.
  • Must handle nicely - every glass we carry will have a good feel when a drink is poured. You wouldn't believe some of the gratuitous designs out there that make the martini almost impossible to drink. So none of those.
  • Must have a stem - a martini glass without a nice stem is a jar and I won't be carrying jars. It can be a thick stem, thin stem, colorful or not. But every glass must conform at least vaguely to the iconic structure of a "martini glass."
  • Must be tasteful, not trite - it's a slippery slope, I've found, between classy/awesome and trite/cheesy. My goal is to stay as far as I can throw an olive away from the latter.

Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

Don't match, just mix.

I believe martini glasses should be bought one at a time. There is no reason for martini glasses in your home to all look the same. That's boring.

Isn't that better? Those are just some of my glasses pre-Tini Grails. A different glass for every mood. That's the idea here at Tini Grails, to help equip you with awesome, unique glasses that on any given Friday at 5:00 you can peruse on YOUR shelf and choose just the right one for your mood.

You'll see. A heavenly glass makes all the difference.

So we're launching with six glasses, but I will continue to scour the world for more awesomeness in the form of martini glasses.

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