Alcohol Can Increase Creativity - Just Imagine If It Came From These Martini Glasses

Being the founder of an ideation company (Ideasicle) and a Forbes Contributor writing about creativity in marketing, I study creativity for a living. I especially love to uncover research studies that shed light on how we can improve our creativity. Well, one such study proved that moderate amounts of alcohol directly improves our creativity. Which got me thinking about martini glasses and Tini Grails.

But first the study.

It's About Anti-Focus.

The publication Consciousness And Cognition reports that a team of researchers rounded up 40 men and had them all do word puzzles while watching a movie. Half of the men were given enough vodka to get them just shy of the legal limit of alcohol (0.75). The other half were given nothing.

Turns out the group who were given alcohol solved the problems faster than the sober group — taking an average of 11.5 seconds versus 15.2 — and out of 20 problems, correctly solved nine versus six for the sober set.

The researchers hypothesized that alcohol disables our ability to focus, to enough of a degree that lateral thinking is more likely. And as I've learned with countless other studies on creativity focusing is the enemy of creativity. The act of focusing is essentially an act of "weeding out" irrelevant information - irrelevant to the task at hand. But creativity is the result of making unexpected connections, which is hard to do if every thought gets weeded.

So moderate amounts of alcohol liberate us when it comes to creativity. Here's a link to a Men's Health article on this study.

Imagine What A Creative Glass Might Do.

Now, I have no proof (so to speak) of the following hypothesis, other than my own experience, but I have to think that this "creativity effect" that alcohol brings would only be mega-magnified if it were to be delivered via a creative glass.

And that's where Tini Grails comes in.

I mean think of the ideas that may come from our Suntini:

Or the genius solutions to life's problems that might come from our Mosaic Relic:

Or the inventions and cures inspired by our Mellow Meadow:

Or the group brainstorm results if the four of you each liberated your minds with a martini glass from our Whirls Collection:

It's just a thought, or a hope, maybe a dream. But if Tini Grails can help make the world a better place through a little creative inspiration I'm all for it.

Happy Grailin'!

- Will Burns, Owner

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