Tini Grails. It's all in the glass.

Tini Grails believes that a great martini experience is utterly dependent on the glass it's in. In fact, we'd rather have a beer than insult a martini with an unworthy glass. So we spend our time scouring the world (literally) for unique, artsy, martini glasses and bring them to our customers.

Our founder, Will Burns, is a 25 year advertising executive and founded Ideasicle, a virtual ideation firm, in 2010. He has also been a Forbes Contributor since 2011 writing about creativity in modern branding. All the while, Burns has been a fanatic about finding unique martini glasses in artsy shops, antique dealers, online, and anywhere else he can find them. And now is applying that marketing knowledge and passion for finding the next great martini glass to Tini Grails.

We've been in business since July, 2016. 

Press coverage
"W+K veteran and Ideasicle CEO Will Burns has created Tini Grails, an online store selling only hand-painted martini glasses."
Friday Odds and Ends
Adweek - AgencySpy - July 22, 2016
"We love these unique, handmade martini glasses."
Web Coolness: Olympic medal cookies, maple syrup cartels (what?), and Starbucks flavors you can’t get in the U.S.
Cool Mom Eats - August 14, 2016
"What makes a great martini glass is that it maintains classic shape. From there, you can innovate."
Hamilton man seeks your perfect "Tini Grail" through his new online store
The Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle - August 11, 2016
Customer Testimonials
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I purchased this glass for a friend who just became a US citizen. It was easy to order, packed well, and arrived in time for the party. I would like to add that the customer service was superb. I didn't find this glass until a couple days before the party and knew it would be the perfect gift. Tini Grails went the extra mile for me to make sure it was received timely. The glass was a huge hit at the party. It's an especially great glass considering it's an election year and an Olympic year. Who doesn't want to drink a martini out of this glass while watching the Olympics? Who won't be drinking heavily before and after this historic election."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I needed some classy but fun looking martini glasses for a client who visits regularly, so I bought two “Statesman” glasses. I couldn’t believe the hand-painted detail. The glasses are even better in person. Can’t wait to share with my client next time he comes around."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Unbelievably Cool! These glasses are gorgeous. It never occurred to me that a martini glass could impact the experience of enjoying a well crafted martini. Boy was I wrong. These "grails" feel substantial in your hand, and I swear I heard my "tini" giggle with joy when being poured into this stunning vessel. We got two of these beauties as a gift, and will definately be filling out my bar shelf with more Tini Grails! Thank you Tini Grails and Tini-on!"
Press Releases
Will Burns
willburns@tinigrails.com, 617-304-3268
Will Burns is the founder and owner of Tini Grails. He is also a Forbes Contributor writing about creativity in modern branding, as well as CEO of virtual ideation firm, Ideasicle (www.ideasicle.com). Burns brings 28 years of marketing and communications expertise (not to mention love for martinis) to Tini Grails.
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